July 26, 2010

Sense of Achievement

Beside the salary, what makes you keep going in your job? I’d put my bet that it must be the sense of achievement. Yes, feeling a sense achievement is a very powerful motivator to keep us going in every chapter of our life.

There were moments in my life when I had negative incidents that brought me down and made me feel useless. Life sucks! But then I told myself that I was not that bad, considering some achievements that I’ve had gained in my life, including completing my education, finding a decent job, or raising children and sending them to a good school. It may sound ordinary to some people, but in low moments, it‘s important to make a list of some positive things we have achieved in our life to regain our confidence.

At work, when I felt down because of some (stupid) mistakes I’ve ever made, I tried to remember some recent moments when I was proud of myself.

I was once given a task to be involved in a team to create a proposal for a new project, i.e. the opening of a branch marketing office in another country. No matter how small my contribution was in that work, now seeing that the branch office has operated and generated some revenues to the company, I am proud of it.

In another occasion, together with my three colleagues I was given a task to construct and maintain a new website for the company. My main task was regularly filling the contents for that site. That was an extra job outside my job desc, but I did it excitedly because that was something that I enjoyed. At the end, our website was nominated as the most active BUMN website for the period of June 2010. Goodio.

Another big task for me was when I was involved in the production process of a new downstream product. This product is currently sold nationwide, and advertised on TV featuring Tika Panggabean as the commercial star. I am proud that I was part of the making process. I made the pre-feasibility study for that project and I was part of the endless meetings with the consultant in analyzing the survey result, developing the package design, and producing the pilot project scale of the products. Now anytime I go to supermarket and see the products displayed on the shelf I feel a sense of achievement.

Not all of my achievements were recognized by management. Yeah, having been working in a company that has about 50.000 employees all around West Java, I think demanding the CEO to remember what you’ve achieved seems too much to ask. But that’s not important, anyway. Whether or not my work is recognized, this sense of achievement enables me to continue working and gives me more reason to wake up in the morning.

In an organization, part of the responsibility of the leaders is to set a program for their subordinates that enable them to reach an achievement. When you are a leader, it is very important to give the right task to the right person to make sure that they can achieve the goal to keep them motivated and having work enthusiasm.

Now I am facing another challenge as I am involved in a team assigned to develop a new merit system for the company. It is another hard task, but I see it optimistically. We have set the target and the goal and I can see that we’re getting into it. Wish me luck. :$

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