December 27, 2011

Girls Day Out

Last weekend, a week before Christmas I went out of town with the girls, the female gang in the office :) . We were sort of celebrating in advance Mother’s Day that falls on 22nd of December. Wait at home, kids, mommy want to have fun – sort of thing. 

We headed to Purwakarta on a tourist bus. It’s probably a bit of waste that there were only about twenty of us and we rented a bus, an air conditioned bus with karaoke. But hey, you can’t blame girls for wanting to have a good time, can you? We shared jokes and juicy gossips (of course, what else do you expect?), and sang some out of tone songs from the karaoke along the way. Never mind the driver who was probably suffering from this chaos.I admired his undivided concentration at driving with all this cacophony around him. But had that bus had an accident, I knew who he would’ve put the blame on.

The first place we visited was a fertilizer factory belonging to a company where our former boss becomes the CEO there. She is a tough and hardworking lady, and a good host apparently. After some small talks like, “Aww.. you look good in that outfit” or this one that never fails to make a girl happy, "Wow, you're getting slimmer. The green tea, is it?", we were served some delicious meal and of course, the ever red, ever tempting Rambutan, which is the specific fruit in this area.

After stuffing our stomach and sent the rest of the food to our bags (oh, shame on you! Next time bring a larger bag!), we had a factory tour to see how fertilizer is made. The employees in the factory turned to be mostly women. The accounting and administration works, the laboratorium works, the quality control, mostly done by female employees. Wow, it’s not a coincidence that we chose to visit this place in the spirit of mother’s day. 

Leaving the factory, we visited Kaum, which is the central of simping production, a specific food from Purwakarta. It is a crunchy, delicious snack made from rice flour with coconut milk and traditional seasoning. I bought a bunch of them as it is our family’s favourite. Mmm.. yummy. 

Photo: Cahaya kaum

And as we women commonly love home decoration, we certainly didn’t miss Plered, the central of ceramic pottery production where you can buy these beautiful works of art at relatively low price:

Photo: Purwakartakab

Photo: Nurzaman

After spending too much time in those ceramic galleries, some of the girls needed to be desperately dragged into the bus as they couldn't stop picking and buying stuff. They finally surrendered after being reminded that they needed a wagon to carry all the potteries they'd bought.

At about 6 pm we headed back to Bandung. We continued the curhat (pouring your heart out) about work and some female thingy along the way back. I told you, going out with the girls is fun, though you have to be a little bit patient as they love talking more than listening :) .

Miss F, who positioned herself as the guide of the trip put all the effort to entertain us with her miraculous voice as she sang the karaoke with no avail. Although she tried to convince us that she was only "improvising" anytime she sang in false tone, we couldn't buy it because this "improvisation" went right from the beginning to the end of every song. The only song she could sing in almost the right rhythm and tone was Alamat Palsu from Ayu Tingting, a dangdut singer that recently becomes famous for no apparent reason. I just wished the driver wouldn't decide to jump out of the window out of desperation.

Having had struggled with the traffic jam, we reached Bandung at about 8 pm. While I was thinking where to hail a taxi, a text message came from husband, ”Where are you? Need a lift?” Ah, that’s my man. I had been forgetting him all the day yet he was there when I needed him the most :)


  1. I guess I stand no chance if I ask if next time I can join the party ?

    PS: I'm willing to dress up like a very senior lady :).

  2. Hi Colson,

    I am worried that you can't stand the wait while they're shopping more than you can't stand being in a lady's outfit. :)

  3. Nice post, I especially like the part about Plered because it is the home town of my parents.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  4. Harry,

    Thanks. I guess you're very familiar with these beautiful ceramics, then. Purwakarta is a nice town with a lot of sights that haven’t been very much explored.

    Happy new year for you too. May all your resolutions for this year come true.

  5. Hello Aprianti... Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Tikno,

    Happy new year to you and your special ones. And looking forward to more updates on your blog.