January 24, 2012

In The Beginning Of The Year

January is almost over and I haven’t written anything on this blog since the beginning of this brand new year. Lazy me. Well, what can I say, some had predicted that the world is gonna end this year, anyway ;-) . But since I still have so many plans for my life, most of which extend to the years after 2012, let me put some spoiler here about what I have done this month, and hopefully I still can do after 2012: 

Kawah Putih in Ciwidey, Southwest of Bandung. Looks like a white sandy beach but don’t be fooled. It’s a crater on top of Mount Patuha. The colour of the lake is said to regularly change from bluish to whitish green depends on the concentration of sulfur and the temperature. If it hadn’t been for the sulfuric air and chilly temperature, we could’ve spent hours on this place. 

Kolam Renang Air Panas Walini in Ciwidey. The water comes from natural hot spring. It’s energizing, it’s refreshing, and the green scenery from tea plantation surrounding it is breathtaking. And most importantly, the kids love swimming in there. 

Strawberries. In Ciwidey we can visit strawberry plantation, pick and pluck ourselves some strawberries. Unlike the common strawberries found in supermarket, the taste of these fresh from the garden and fully ripe strawberries is as sweet as the look. 

Sate Maranggi in Purwakarta. This sate or satay is a specific food from Purwakarta and has a specific taste. It is distinguished from other satays due to the unique flavor that is combination of sweet, sour and spicy. The seasoning of Sate Maranggi is made from soy sauce, green chili, and vinegar made from sugar cane. Yummy. 

Es Kopyor. The drink is made from specific variety of coconut called kelapa kopyor. It's tastier than the regular coconut and the texture of coconut meat is soft and fluffy. This rare variety of coconut can only be bred through plant tissue culture technique, not by regular propagation. And the one that I had above was very special because the kopyor was directly plucked from the trees in the kopyor plantation that we visited and served on the site. 
Now, how can I not hope that the world is gonna make it through 2012? :) May God bless this year and years and years to come.


  1. Can't but agree: Let's eat, drink and have a good time. Who wouldn't want to last this life for eternity? :).

  2. Yes Colson, having good eat, pray, love (and work, work) would be my resolution for this year. What is resolution anyway but preparing the ground for future violation :)