April 24, 2012

Life is a Drama

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A few days ago I was out of town for work. In that occasion I met my former colleague, Pak D. He is my senior who once worked together with me in the same department. After exchanging small talks during break, I asked him about his wife and children whom I’ve known rather well. And proudly, with pleasant smile, he said that he has another son now, a 4 years old fine boy. 

I was slightly taken aback by the news, considering that he is now at nearly retirement age, and so is his wife. Seeing the puzzlement on my face (yeah, I always have problem keeping my face straight when something is occupying my mind), he told me that this child was actually adopted by his family. Then he began telling me the story. 

It began 4 years ago, when the daughter of Pak D received a phone call from her friend, a student that went to the same college with her daughter. She told her to come to the boarding house where she lived because there was something important she wanted to share. His daughter went to meet this friend, but only to find a shocking news. The friend apparently had just returned from hospital after giving birth to a baby - outside wedlock - because her relationship with the boyfriend was forbidden by her parents. The reason was cliche, the differences in racial backgrounds. 

Being a college student with no source of income other than from her parents, and being afraid that her parents would be furious knowing that she had given birth outside wedlock, this friend decided to throw the baby away (literally!). In a depressed mental state, she had already put the poor baby inside a plastic bag (gasp!). 

Frantically, the daughter of Pak D called her parents telling them what happened and begging her friend at the same time not to throw the baby away just yet. Being a passionate fellow as he is, Pak D and his wife went to meet their daughter and her friend straight away. After some discussions and consolations, in that very afternoon, Pak D and his wife took the baby home and taking care of him after since. 

I was speechless listening to his true story. A little bit of musical illustration and some more expressive dialogues will make it a perfect piece of television’s drama. But that's life. Each of us takes part on the stage by playing a role. It's up to us whether we choose to be protagonist or antagonist, a winner or a loser.

Pak D has chosen his role. He could’ve brought the baby to the police office, hospital, or orphanage. Or even worse, he could've just hung up the phone and let the baby meet his fate. But he didn’t. In the name of humanity, he is willing to spend his supposedly retirement days taking care of a baby that he hoped someday become a healthy and fine child. 

The poor baby might play an unlucky role as a victim in such early years of his life, but I am sure that he is now in the right hands, being raised by warm helping hands that can prevent him from keeping anger and resentment toward those who had treated him unfair when he was still a baby. 

How about the parents of the girl? Although they were eventually well informed that their daughter had given birth to a baby that clearly has blood ties with them, the parents didn't seem to care too much about it. Yeah, some unsurprisingly arrogant attitudes from people who see races as an impediment in a relationship. They succumbed to their own doubt and fear. Apparently they choose to play their role as antagonists. 

Life is a drama. There are good fellows, bad fellows, innocent victims. The stories are sometimes irritating, most of the times amusing. We expect some happy endings, only to encounter some sad endings. Life is a drama indeed. Only that we don’t have some commercial breaks in between.


  1. In a way this is a feelgood history. Yet there are a lot disturbing ingredients in it.

    That in your true story Pak D.( and his wife I assume) do honour to the human creed, is beyond doubt. That the parents of the girl ( and probably the girl herself) are victims of a set of outmoded values and habits,is likely.

    But - whatever extenuating circumstances he may bring forward- the biological father of the baby definitely is the downright prick, forward slash, male asshole. By modern as well as by old fashioned standards.

  2. According to Pak D, the biological father only made a cameo appearance when he needed to sign the adoption letter. Truly an act of monumental cowardice.

  3. Anonymous18/6/12

    God Bless him!