July 17, 2012

A Trip to Yogyakarta

Titik Nol Yogyakarta

It’s been one month since I was transferred to this new department. Just when I thought I needed some changes in my working life, they gave me this new environment, new colleagues, new tasks, what’s more can I ask? 

My first official trip since I moved here was having a two day training in Yogyakarta, the city of tradition and culture in Central Java. 

I took train from Bandung in the morning. It’d been long time since I took this mode of transportation. It surely sent me down the memory lane when my grandma and grandpa used to take me by train for holiday. It was long time ago when I went to Yogyakarta. I can only remember vaguely about my trip to Candi Borobudur and Parangtritis beach, the famous sights in Yogyakarta. After having 8 hour trip, I arrived in Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta in the afternoon and directly went by taxi to the hotel in Demangan area where I was going to spend the night. 

The training itself was going well. We had a lot of discussion and knowledge sharing, enough to make my otherwise lazy brain come to use a little bit :) . 

On the second day, the training ended at about 3 pm, while I’d already checked out from the hotel and had a train to catch in the evening. Surely I didn’t want to waste that precious time. So I decided to take a becak (rickshaw) ride, to enjoy the pleasures of life in the slow lane :) The becak driver was a friendly middle aged man who offered to take me around the central of Yogyakarta. Wow, how can I resist? The ride started from Jalan Urip Sumohardjo to Jalan Malioboro, passing through Pasar Beringhardjo, Keraton Yogyakarta, then to Ngasem, the center of Batik. After buying some batiks for myself, my kids, and the special man in my life (it doesn’t hurt to be nice to your husband once in a while, I'm tellin ya :) ), we continued the trip to Pathok, the center of Bakpia, the special food from Yogya. 

The interesting thing about the becak driver is that he seemed to have good customer service skills and attitude. He knew what people expect when they come to Yogyakarta and tried to provide his best service. In between catching breath from pedaling his becak, he explained some tourism spots in Yogyakarta, culinary specialties, and the transportation mode to get to places. He was willing to wait while I was buying things and asked me to take my time. He even helped me packing food and souvenirs into boxes. I don’t know if the becak driver has ever taken a training program about Service Excellence. But if he had ever taken one, I am sure he was the best student in that class :) . 

Jalan Malioboro


The becak finally got to the train station at 5 pm. Way too early because the train departured at 9 pm. But since I always have my weapons with me, i.e. laptop with internet connection and some e-books in my kindle, I was ready to face even the longest time to wait. 

Early in the morning I arrived in Bandung, exhausted and sleep deprived. But I have nothing to complain since it’s all worth the experience.


  1. Great upbeat story. Thanks you for taking us (readers) along :). It revived some nice memories our own visit a few years ago.

    PS: Good luck on your new job.

  2. Thank you, Colson. Hopefully the trip was a good start for me to catch up with the rhythm of the new job.